Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Freak is Chic

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This is one of my favourite holidays ever! I personally tend to get rather creative with my outfits and have a lot of fun playing around with my hair and make up! I was out on Saturday night with my fashion girls and getting ready itself was an experience! Think 4 students, fake blood, contact lenses and lots of white hairspray! I was a corpse bride and amongst my friends were a vampire, a dead schoolgirl and a ghostly lady of some sort! I think we did a pretty good job!


Special mention to my mother who found me a lovely pair of vintage gloves for my costume! Very elegant and the little gold bows are a cute touch. She also found a few other rare pieces which I may blog about later on.
In the spirit of things (excuse the pun!) I've decided to do a post on halloween inspired fashion! This week I've been scowering the high street and browsing online for the best freaky but fabulous pieces!  Finding items I could relate to the theme wasn't as hard as I initially thought. With the gothic trend still a firm favourite at the moment, there are many black lacy numbers and long flowing styles out there! Skulls and crosses are everywhere as well, a re-occuring trend from last year and of course we still have studs on clothing and footwear which is showing no signs of disappearing! With all these factors it appears there is a little of the dark side on the fashion scene. Here are my top 5 must haves!
5. Zara TRF Skirt - £22.99

 Zara are embracing the skull mania at the moment! I also found a skull shirt which you can see on their website and some quirky skull necklaces.
4. River Island Lace Bodice Maxi Dress - £55.00
Spotted this one in the window display of the new River Island Boutique store in Aberdeen
3. Topshop Gothic Cat T-shirt - £20.00
 *Styling tip!*  Tuck in to a leather skirt and team with metallic creeper shoes for an edgy twist.
Skirt  - Motel £45.00,  Creepers - Topshop £86.00
2.  Sister Jane for ASOS jacket - £95.00
As predicted velvet is creeping back in for winter and i always seem to associate it with halloween too. Definitely more of a seasonal fabric but I must admit it i love it! I found this blazer quite interesting because of the velvet/stud combo. Could this be the new thing for this year? we shall see!
1. Urban Outfitters Skinny Bones Leggings - £28.00
These are amazing! Very in the style of Black Milk's leggings collection. Perfect for use in your halloween outfit and to keep using after! Even reasonably priced. Therefore, My number one find!
Hope you like! Have a good halloween!
KG x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Behind The Scenes

This week has been a long one for me! Feel like I haven't stopped to be honest but all in all it's been eventful! On Thursday we had or first photoshoot. It was a very important day for us and despite a few minor panics we some how avoided any disasters! The day ended up running very smoothly and the shoot went really well. Can't wait to see the final photos! My friend Danielle Fyvie is a make up artist and did us a massive favour by doing all the hair and make up for the shoot. It was fun for me getting to work with her and she is a complete professional, doing a super job on the models! This is me and her at the shoot.

I was in my absolute element watching all the make up being done. Apart from fashion of course, it's something I've always been fascinated by. I even picked up a few tips from Danielle on the day! Here are a few of my behind the scenes pics.

. We were literally on our feet the whole day! I have a whole new admiration for the big timers at Vogue, Elle etc as so much hard work went in to our little shoot so can only imagine it's a hundred times more extensive for them! Nonetheless I'm very proud! It was a great experience and I got to dabble in real life styling - so was definitely a lot of fun! Still can't give too much away yet but here's a few more sneaky pics I took during the shoot.
This is quite short and sweet but I really just wanted to tell you about how the shoot went. I already have a few new posts planned for you so look out for those very soon! Until then..
KG x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Statement Feet

I'm back again with another little post for you! I have been in a pretty pro active mood today in anticipation for our photoshoots. Top secret at the moment but all will be revealed later on!  I've been out and about the past week, in and out of town for photoshoot prep and my work. Flitting around like a busy bee means I've had to keep my footwear rather practical - my red vans have been my shoes of choice! Luckily they are the comfiest shoes I own AND still add a splash of colour to any outfit! Here's what i'm wearing this week.

Continuing the theme of footwear, I came home today to find my new boots had arrived from Missguided! I had been wanting a new pair of boots for a while and these are exactly what I was looking for. Priced at £43.99, I Instantly knew they had to be mine! I was a very happy shopper today as you can see.
They are similar to the studded Zara western  boots which seems to be a huge trend this season. At £119.00, the Zara ones are an investment pair which, if you can afford it are a beautiful addition to your collection!  They also come in red if you're feeling adventurous! Definitely statement boots but I love them!
As always Zara have an amazing range of footwear in at the moment. Working there does mean i'm partially bias but I still rate their shoes amongst the best on the high street. Here are a few of my favourite Zara boots right now.
High heeled fringed ankle boot £59.99
Gold embroidered ankle boot £99.99
Chelsea print ankle boot £79.99
Gold studded ankle boot £69.99
You can find the above boots here
Happy walking! See you next time
KG x


Monday, 22 October 2012

A Touch Of Vintage

This week's post is all about vintage! On Friday me and my uni girls visited a charming little vintage shop in Aberdeen. I'm feeling all inspired after this and it has sparked a new found love for me! 'The Closet' is a hidden gem which specializes in clothing, accessories and homewares. I just love the quirky layout and how gorgeous is the fur coat?

I have always found that the 'vintage look' is beautiful. It allows the opportunity for originality and the chance to experiment with fashion from different decades. As the saying goes 'One man's trash is another man's treasure.' You'd be surprised what could actually look good on you. Vintage has something for everyone whether it be the classic elegance of the twenties or the quirky prints and oversized grandad jumpers of the eighties! Here are a few of my favourite celebrity vintage followers

I recently bought a new navy playsuit from Primark which i love. With the winter weather kicking in i've officially brought my favourite faux fur coat out of storage! Very excited to get to wear it again as it always makes me feel glamourous.. even on a bad day!  Here's how I wore the two items to to create my own vintage look.


Enjoy the rest of your week. See you soon
KG x

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The 2 R's

 Hey Guys! So, firstly I must apologise for the delay in this blog post. I have been so busy this past week. Uni and work have been consuming most of my time! This week I also met with the photographers who will be working on my fashion shoots for uni. Finally setting plans in to motion is exciting stuff! Discussing all our ideas for the shoots got me thinking about styling and I have decided to dedicate this whole post to this very subject!

Creating a new outfit doesn't necessarly mean new clothes! Many of us buy ridiculous amounts of clothes which we will wear once then hide away in our wardrobes - never to see daylight again! I for one am the worst for this! Lately I have been thinking about the 2 R's..Recycling and Reinventing your wardrobe! I'm going to show you how to take one simple item of clothing and apply these 2 rules to create 3 different looks.

Start with a black dress - Topshop Bodycon Midi - £24.00

Look 1 -  Dressed up glamour   


Sequin Jacket, Concept £60.00, Necklace, Miss Selfridge £13.00, Wedges, H&M £24.99

 Look 2 - Edgy Rock


Leather jacket, Miss Selfridge £45.00,  Necklace, New Look £7.99, Bracelet, New Look £3.99, Shoes, Primark £8.00

Look 3 - Daytime Casual


 Jumper, H&M £19.99, Shopper Bag, Primark £12.00, Bowler Hat, ASOS £16.00, Shoes, Converse £55.00

So there you have it. Be creative with your wardrobe, there are endless possibilites! Also remember the 2 R's and you could save yourself from unneccessary spending!  Until Next time...

KG x