Monday, 28 January 2013

Sale Picks

Happy New Year! Hope you are all embracing 2013. I spent my new year in Tenerife soaking up the sunshine. I'm wearing my Urban Outfitters reworked Levi shorts in this photo. They were great to take on holiday as they looked good during the day and gave a retro feel to my outfits.  I found some time to go shopping (of course) and absolutely loved the Pull and Bear. I also made sure to check out the Zara seeing as it is the company I work for. It was possibly the furthest away store. However, I packed my red vans and found they were ideal for all the walking around i did and still looked cute. Perfect holiday shoes!


Back home, the weather is a completely different story and everything is looking like a winter wonderland! I thought i'd take the opportunity to show you my favourite sale picks. These are my best looks from the winter sales.

Embroidered military jacket, £29.99. Tartan trousers, £22.99.
Leopard head belt, £9.99. Studded purse, £9.99. All Zara.
Leather studded gloves, £2.00, New Look.

Jacquard bomber jacket, Zara £29.99. Crop t- shirt, Topshop £10.00.
Maxi skirt, Zara £19.99. Worn with my Asos hat and Missguided boots.
I am in love with the gorgeous print and textured aladdinesque vibe of this jacket!  Also been wearing my bowler hat a lot more recently. Feeling the hat love at the moment!
There are so many new trends appearing that I am excited about and i'm already planning a few wishlists and trend updates so look out for that. Have a fabulous week!

KG x

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