Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Denim Daze

So, the other week I found myself rummaging in one of many storage bags stowed away in my loft. Said storage bags are of the vacuum pack variety and contain various articles of clothing I simply cannot part with. Items include quirky dresses I adored at the time and just know I will love again some day and lovely jackets that are too nice and unworn to give away. My problem is I just don't have the time or space to wear every item of clothing I own but don't have the heart to get rid for good!..which brings me back to my hunt. Forever re-occuring, the denim jacket is a classic and tends to make a reappearance in spring, sticking around for summer! This spring I am wearing my vintage/retro Levi's original. I found it when sorting through the clothes storage and remembered my parents had bought it at a market when I was younger during the grunge fashion of the nineties. Obviously too big for me then they had saw it as too good an investment to turn down and put it away for the future. Fast forward a few years and future me is now a perfect fit for the little beauty! When it comes to denim, Levi really is the leader in quality. If you can get your hands on one, a Levi's denim jacket will set you miles apart from the high street this spring/summer. Teaming it with a splash of yellow, my favourite colour this season, here's how I wear it for an every day look.

Velvet shorts - Topshop £10 in sale rrp. £36.00, Jumper - Primark £10.00,
Necklace - Topshop £12.00, Boots - New Look £15.00.
Red is a colour that complements denim blue perfectly. Therefore, I've decided on red lips for this look. Along with a red retro headband from Primark at only £2.00! An absolute bargain, snap it up now!
I recently got these yellow studded pumps by Love Label at £17.00. For a more active day, pop a pair like these on. Neon yellow is everywhere right now and studs are always good.
Looking for some high street inspiration? Try this gorgeous dip dye bleach denim jacket by ASOS. Team it with this cute floral pinafore for a fresh new look! It's definitely on my wishlist! Wear with a sleaveless shirt and chunky sandals to bring the style through to summer.
ASOS, £45.00
Topshop, £40.00
H&M, £7.99
Zara, £39.99.

Hat - Ragged Priest,  £25.00
Socks - Topshop, £3.50

Wear the sandals with ankle socks like these with a cute trim and this amazing beannie by Ragged priest. Saw these hats when i was in London and I want want want! In fact, I actually want this whole outfit if any kind soul would care to buy me it! All together a completed look perfect for a denim day!

KG x


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  3. Love the denim jacket! I have one myself and I can't stop wearing it! I especially love the jacket with the red headband. Such a fashionable look. :)

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